Facilities Rental

Birthday Party, Bar Mitzvah, Business Function Facility Rentals

Whether it’s a gala, a birthday party, a carnival, a Bar/Bat Mitzvah, or a business function, Keneseth Israel offers settings and services to help host your event.

Our staff members are experts at staging flawless events. Our facility is extremely cost-efficient with spaces suitable for groups ranging from a few people up to seven hundred guests. Keneseth Israel, located in Louisville’s Highlands neighborhood, is a beautiful building accented by a breathtaking collection of art, famous stained-glass windows, ample parking, and accessible facilities.

Select from a variety of fine caterers from our approved caterers list, or we can cater your event in-house. Whether you need box lunches for ten, or an elegant sit-down dinner for three hundred guests, we can meet your needs.

For information regarding our rental facilities, please contact Executive Director Yonatan Yussman at yyussman@kenesethisrael.org or 502-459-2780 for additional information on rates, to schedule a visit, or to make reservations.


Front Entrance

In warmer months, we enjoy using our outdoor spaces for events and programs. Our front entrance is a gorgeous spot next to our famous stained glass windows. Our front lawn lends itself nicely to carnivals, festivals, or other outdoor events.

Main Sanctuary

Our main sanctuary is ideal for Bar and Bat Mitzvahs.

Our sanctuary can be used for many purposes. In this photo, a Bat Mitzvah girl is preparing for her big day. Our main sanctuary can hold up to 750 people.

Roth-Fuenfer Auditorium

Our large auditorium totally transforms based on how you want your event to look. In this photo, we utilized colorful up-lighting and other visual effects to create a truly fun Bat Mitzvah party.

Our auditorium has a stage for bands or productions, along with a sound system and lighting.

Another use for our large auditorium is for indoor carnivals, festivals, and parties.

The Foyer

Our foyer is a beautiful, elegant space that holds about 60 people standing. We frequently use this space for appetizer and cocktails before an event or service.

Elias Auditorium

This is the smaller of our two auditoriums. In this photo, we are hosting a silent auction for a gala. 200 people attended this event, and also enjoyed the two bars that were also in this space.

The Elias Auditorium can be used for many purposes – including private meetings, lectures, discussions, and more. The room has a built-in sound system, and seats as many as 200 people.

Conference Room

This is our private conference room, ideal for business meetings. We have many other options for smaller meeting spaces so that separate meetings or breakout-groups can be happening at the same time.

Small Sanctuary

Our small sanctuary holds up to 75 people. Besides services, people have used it for lectures, discussions, musical performances, classes, and family gatherings.