Cantor’s Music

Check out these songs from Cantor Hordes’ latest CD! For $5.00 you can purchase the CD, which also benefits Keneseth Israel and Seeds of Peace. You can order it here.

The following songs are from Cantor Hordes’ Shabbat album. For $5.00 you can purchase the CD. You can order it here.


High Holiday Choir Resources:

Alto Shechechiyanu:

Tenor Shechechiyanu:

Bass Shechechiyanu:

Soprano Barchu:

Alto Barchu:

Tenor Barchu:

Bass Barchu:

Tenor Mi Chamocha:

Tenor Ufros Aleinu:

Bass Ufros Aleinu:

Soprano Avinu Malkeinu:

Sop Tenor Zochreinu Lchayim:

Alto Zochreinu Lchayim:

Low voice Mchalkeil Chayim:

High voice Mchalkeil Chayim:

Sop Tenor Brosh Hashanah:

Alto Bass Brosh Hashanah:

Hashivenu round:

Or Zarua all voices:

High voices Kol Nidre 43-49:

Soprano Vayomer Adonai:

Alto Vayomer Adonai:

Bass Vayomer Adonai:

Soprano Shechechiyanu: