Gala Journal

If you’ve already purchased your ad space in our commemorative gala journal (on this webpage), you’re now in the right place to place your ad! Below, please go to the size ad you purchased, and create your ad – the downloaded templates have the correct dimensions in them. Once you’re done, please upload your file at the bottom of this page, preferably as a PDF or JPG or PNG.

If you have any questions at all, or would like help creating your tribute ad, be in touch with Yonatan at 502-459-2780 or We’re happy to help you!

Click here for sample journal ads from years past

To consider for this year’s theme of hope and laughter:

Who has put a smile on your face?
Who has given you hope?
Is there anyone you’d like to remember/memorialize?
Is there anyone you’d like to thank/honor?

There’s so many options for creating your tribute ad – we’re happy to help with ideas, and to make the ad for you if you’d like!