Keneseth Israel Preschool

KIP provides a nurturing, creative, and hands-on structured learning environment that ensures flexibility to meet the needs of each child. KIP’s goal is to let each child experience social, physical, emotional, and educational activities in order to develop their own sense of self. Click here to visit the KIP website.

For more information about KIP and the KIP family membership incentive, contact Shary Loewy, KIP Director, at or 502-459-2780 ext. 18.



Shary Loewy has been our preschool director for the past 25 years. She earned a Master of Education degree from the University of Louisville. Shary is proud that the preschool staff averages more than 15 years with the program.

“We are so proud of our program,” says Loewy. “Today’s kindergarten is like a first grade curriculum used to be, and we receive letters from schools in the area on a regular basis thanking us for preparing our children so well. The schools also become a referral source for us.”

Shary personally greets every child and parent in the morning, and is involved in every aspect of the program.

“Every child deserves to learn in a nurturing, creative environment, and each student has the opportunity to develop their own sense of self in their own way. We believe in the power of music, the power of play and exercise, the power of books and numbers…because these are the things that encourage kids to love learning. But above all else, we believe your kid is completely awesome in his or her own way!”