Life & Legacy

“I found a fruitful world, because my ancestors planted it for me.

Likewise, I am planting for my children.”  

–Talmud, Taanit 23a

We are grateful for the families who have chosen to remain part of our synagogue after many generations and also to new members who have chosen to make KI their spiritual home.  We have inherited a precious legacy from our ancestors in the form of a beautiful synagogue. Out of gratitude and love for them, we commit ourselves to preserving that legacy and to passing it on, L’dor Vador, to our children by assuring that KI is sustainable for the long-term, through contributions of our time, resources, and talents.         

We have all made and continue to make gifts and contributions to sustain our congregation, and now we must plan for the future.  Our legacy donors are people just like you, who are firm in their commitment to preserve and promote Jewish life. Your legacy gift will include you with those who wish to see our grandchildren embrace the Jewish life at KI we cherish and nurture.

Join us and create an even brighter future for the Keneseth Israel community.

To discuss your legacy, contact Yonatan Yussman, Executive Director, at 502-459-2780 or

What will your legacy be?