Youth Education

Louisville Beit Sefer Yachad

LBSY is the successor to the Louisville Hebrew School, which began at the turn of the twentieth century and was in full swing by the 1920s. Today, students from kindergarten through 8th grade meet on Sunday mornings. Additionally, students from the spring semester of 2nd grade through the 7th grade meet on Wednesday afternoons. Keneseth Israel participates in LBSY along with Congregation Adath Jeshurun and Temple Shalom. Both Rabbi Freed and Cantor Hordes serve as LBSY teachers. Click here to visit the LBSY website.

High School of Jewish Studies in Louisville, KY

Students from all five Louisville congregations participate in HSJS. Academic offerings are designed to allow students to explore the experiences of the Jewish people, deepen their knowledge of Jewish thought and practices, and sensitize them to Judaism’s values and concerns. Through such opportunities, the High School seeks to foster a positive adult Jewish identity and commitment to active participation in the future. Coursework eventually leads students to classroom discussions with their rabbis and to confirmation in their respective congregations. The scope of subject matter in the high school includes history, ethics, customs and laws, Jewish inquiry, and comparative religion. Both Rabbi Freed and Cantor Hordes have served as HSJS teachers. Click here to visit the HSJS Facebook page.